Monday, July 13, 2020

Good Morning, Gratuitous Dolph Lundgren

Over this weekend I sat down to watch my screener of the upcoming documentary on the famed provocateur photographer Helmut Newton -- which is titled Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful and which will be hitting Virtual Cinemas on July 24th, including here in NYC at the one via Film Forum's website -- and not long into it I was reminded of Newton's infamous shoot of Grace Jones and her then boy-toy Dolph Lundgren...

... and of course, from there, Dolph was on my brain. It doesn't take much! Just a nudge in the Dolph direction and I'll waste hours googling him from there. But this works out well for y'all, because it got me to realize that while sure I have posted about Dolph for as long as I've had this website -- he's one of my so-called "roots" which I did a list of back in 2007 -- I've never done a properly massive photo post of the Swedish engineering student turned Studio 54 arm-candy turned properly massive action hero. 

(That said I do recommend checking out this post from a couple of years ago, worth a click!) So let's! Hit the jump for several dozen photos of the always welcome master of my universe...


Anonymous said...

Think he just married a 24 year old. He's got that steroid gut now but other than that still looks good.

Anonymous said...

My fave is Showdown in Little Tokyo. That film is basically a love letter to Dolph's physical beauty. Even when they have Brandon Lee (no slouch himself) strung up in tight jeans, Dolph is tied up in little short shorts. I actually can't believe a man directed it, but I also know how much straight men get a little googly-eyed at impressively built other straight men.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures but have to confess he had too many angles for me. Christopher Lambert was my preferred euro stud back in the mid 80s. He had more curves and of course ran around in a jungle in next to nothing. Dolf gets credit for being Grace Jones partner though. What a trip that must have been.

Mr. Eugene said...

I was very disappointed to find out he has a small penis.
I thought he would have a kielbasa.
I was wondering why he never posed for full frontal nude photos
in his prime years, the mid 1980's. In the bikini photos from that time he
looked small. The recent beach photo taken of him confirms he is small.
It's just the way it is. I prefer the big boys like John C. Holmes
and former "Storm Chaser" TV star Joel Taylor.