Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Hall of Hubba-Hubba

Inspired by Samurai Frog's terrific (NSFW!) My Sexual Icons series over at Electronic Cerebrectomy - where he's been displaying all the lovely ladies that helped him "discover sex in the first place" - I suddenly feel obliged to share the fellas that did the same for me. And since he and I are about the same age, we seem to be mostly looking at the same period of time.

So without further ado, and throwing any shame I may have in retrospect (hey, I was a kid! I didn't know any better!) to the wind, here are some of the guys that helped me realize I wasn't quite like the other boys in school:

Jordan Knight

Johnny Depp

Joe Penny

Bruce Willis

Tony Danza

Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Mario Lopez

Dolph Lundgren

Bill Paxton

Lucky Vanous

"Marky" Mark Wahlberg

Richard Grieco

Jeff Goldblum

Scott Bakula

Steve Guttenberg

There are surely lots that I'm forgetting - Samurai Frog has already done six epic posts in his series, which I highly recommend checking out; boobies do nothing for me but it still made me super-nostalgic for those innocent days pre-internet (I know, call the old-folks home, grandpa's ranting again) when it was a chore to find skinning celebs.

Anyway, share your own boyhood crushes in the comments! What's your most embarrassing? I have to say, my weird massive crush on Joe Penny up there that doesn't sit too well with me now.

(and yes, in case it wasn't obvious before, I really have a depressingly strict type when it comes to celeb crushes - most are white, with dark hair, and usually kinda furry)



SamuraiFrog said...

Four things.

1. I love it when I inspire someone to do something neat, so I can't help getting a big head there. Of course, I've completely ripped you off enough times, so... But you made me feel awesome!

2. I'm totally with you on Johnny Depp.

3. That is an awesome picture of Bill Paxton.

4. That is the most unintentionally hilarious picture of Scott Bakula I've ever seen. I love him as an actor, but he just kind of looks like my dad.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

OK, dumb, I know... how about "Meat" from Porky's. He was just SO big and beefy.

OH! And Matthew Schoffel...somethingoranother from 16 Candles...mmmmm. Love at first sight.

John T said...

Oh, this is fun. Mine would be Marky Mark, Ryder Strong, Dean Cain, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kyle Chandler (back when he was on Early Edition) and Matt Damon.

Jason Adams said...

Oh god, how did I forget Matthew Schoeffling - JAKE RYAN!!!!!! - from Sixteen Candles? He was the ULTIMATE... really he still is. Jake! I have posted on him before though - here and here.

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