Thursday, November 03, 2016

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... exploding with Dolph.

I haven't seen Red Scorpion since I was a little kid -- renting all of the big butch 80s action movies to make me look straight while what I was really doing was ogling all the muscle -- but seeing this scene today was like sense memory; I remember this scene like the back of my hand. An especially apt idiom, in this instance.

God, this movie is so gay. I feel the need to watch the entire thing immediately. Thankfully some incredible soul's uploaded the whole damn thing onto YouTube! Happy day!
Today is Dolph's 59th birthday, if you can believe it - I say "if you can believe it" because if you've seen him recently then you know he's just as hot as ever. And I was super happy to read the other day that he's been cast on the TV show Arrow for next season.

Why Dolph hasn't been in a Marvel movie yet is beyond me. Why the hell hasn't he been slapped into the Thor universe? Can you imagine him and Chris Hemsworth having a showdown? I mean...

I'm dead at the thought of it. 

Happy birthday, Dolph!


Anonymous said...

This movie with the brazillian portuguese dub is even better!

Anonymous said...

Never seen it but these GIFs are amazing. It's like it's shot with the female (or gay male) gaze as he's staring right into the camera. God he was so hot back then (and just fine now).

Daniel said...

Dolph's movies mostly missed my little period where I was very into the muscly 80s action movies - I did mostly Arnie and Van Damme - but DAMN was he beautiful. And he's aged into quite the woofy rough trade Daddy. Which is basically my way of saying, THANK YOU for bringing this movie to my attention and THANK YOU to whoever uploaded it to YouTube.

Jair said...

I love Dolph!!! And he had become even hotter with the age
He's coming in Arrow tv series, I hope for some shirtless scenes

Jair said...

Sorry, I missed the part where you talked about the Arrow thing!:P