Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Jakes Gyllenhaal Goes Blind

I was looking at the IMDb page for the actor Jake Gyllenhaal -- perhaps you have heard of him -- recently and finding myself entirely uncertain what the next acting project for him might be. He's had several things lined up but they've all been lined up for some time, and some of them less convincingly than others -- for instance I personally don't think his movie Rio with Luca Guadagnino is ever going to happen, even though... sigh, just imagine. I think the most likely thing is his HBO series Lake Success based on the Gary Shteyngart book, but this whole pandemic thing has made everything a question mark. He hadn't been filming when it all went down, and there are several things just laying there. (Hey remember how he bought the rights to the Fun Home musical in January?)

Anyway today comes word of a whole new thing for the big ass pile -- an adaptation of the graphic novel Snow Blind, from writers Ollie Masters and Tyler Jenkins. Anybody read it? I guess it's a thriller about a teenage boy who discovers his parents are in the Witness Protection Program. This here film version is set to be directed by the Danish director Gustav Möller who made the one-man wowza called The Guilty (reviewed here), a remake of which has been in the works and has been set to star, you guess it, Jake Gyllenhaal. Damn he gets around.

And Snow Blind actually has another wholly exciting name attached -- the writer is Patrick Ness, the author of the YA novels that make up the Chaos Walking trilogy as well as A Monster Calls, all of which I'm a massive fan of.  I've posted about Ness often. Funny enough, speaking of Jake getting around, his husband Tom Holland already filmed a film version of the Chaos Walking books that's seen a torturous production -- I have quite literally lost track of what's happening to it. Once upon a time it had a script by no less than Charlie Kaufman! But they filmed it in like 2017 (here's a shot of Tom Holland on set) and then... nothing.

And as if this incestuous web of overlapping names needed to get more so I just now learned from Deadline's article on this Snow Blind news that Ness, who worked on the screenplays of both of his book adaptations, is at this moment working on the script for Luca Guadagnino's Lord of the Flies remake. All of this makes me feel like Ness is the spoke in the whele that connects Jake to Tom to Luca, and that I have got to immediately go make friends with Patrick Ness. See you suckers later!

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