Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Scott: Right, you see three mirrors: your two 
side-view mirrors and your rear-view mirror. 
They make a Golden Triangle.
Poppy: Is that like the pubic triangle?
Scott: It's a pyramid, and at the top of the pyramid, 
you see the all-seeing eye, Enraha. 
Can you repeat that, please? En-ra-ha.
Poppy: Are you talking about the eye of Lucifer?
Scott: No!
Poppy: Cuz I don't know if I want to look in 
there, thank you very much.
Scott: It's not Lucifer. There are two fallen angels 
before Lucifer. There is Enraha, Raziel and Lucifer.
Poppy: Sorry, I don't have them in my phone book. 

A very happy 52nd birthday to the great Eddie Marsan today. When Eddie Marsan shows up in something you always know he'll be good, but I was entirely unprepared for his role in this Mike Leigh film -- it rightfully made Sally Hawkins career but I was just as jazzed to see an ever-dependable character-actor like Marsan go and land himself a "leading man" role. 

Not that "Scott" fits neatly into that mold but the film is about these two characters and their to-put-it-mildly tumultuous relationship, and Marsan was every inch as good as Hawkins if you ask me. I would've guessed he was a little older than 52 but that's what great character actors do -- they obscure their actual person-hood so they can slip in a Mission Impossible and out of a 21 Grams without making a big distraction of themselves. Eddie's one of the best. Have you got a favorite Marsan moment?

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