Tuesday, May 12, 2020

You May Remove Your Wigs!

For this week's "Great Moments in Horror Actressing" post over at The Film Experience I've given good lovin' to one of my most favorites, Anjelica Huston's turn at the Grand High Witch herself in the 1990 film adaptation of The Witches. Dahl's book was my favorite book when I was a kid and I read it roughly half a billion times and it don't matter -- all I see is Huston when I see the book now. She stamped herself right across the whole thing, and how! I was super psyched when Warner Archive finally put the movie out on blu-ray this past year -- I wish more special features existed int he world (we need a making of doc on this movie!) but the transfer they've gifted us with is gorgeous, and I recommend picking it up if you haven't yet done so. Buy it, watch it twenty times, go read my piece at TFE, and try to imagine how Anne Hathaway could even dare with this remake nonsense. On the one hand I'm in a lousy mood today so I'm sounding different on this news than I did when I first reported it... but on the other hand -- Anjelica fuckin' Huston, man. She owns.


Anonymous said...

I suppose they'll be remaking The Grifters (THE iconic Huston role for me) next! This is like the TV remake of Animal Kingdom -- nothing against Ellen Barkin but is it really a good idea to invite comparisons with Jacki Weaver in that role?

creamycamper said...

One of my all-time favorite movies! I used to watch it daily after school 🤗