Thursday, May 07, 2020

Pics of the Day

It feels so weird when I harken back to old posts, posts I wrote Before All This, but before all this -- last June, precisely -- I told you about a comic book adaptation getting made called The Old Guard that was going to star Charlize Theron as an elite, and immortal, military assassin. Actually what I told you about specifically was who was co-starring with Charlize, which would be Matthias Schoenaerts, Italian actor Luca Marinelli (see more here) and then Sexy Jafar himself Marwen Kanzari (see more of him here). That was the thing that caught my attention. Anyway Vanity Fair has the first batch of photos from the movie today along with a long chat with everybody and the news that the film's hitting Netflix on July 10th. Anybody read the comics? All I need is for Matthias & Luca to be a couple and I'll be good. Please? Why shouldn't I get my Hot Gay Immortal Assassins? You tell me "why not" before I need to tell you any "why yes," okay?


Anonymous said...

The article says we're getting Marwen and Luca as an immortal gay badass couple and as long as they make out, I'll score that as a win.

Anonymous said...

What article is that