Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Good Morning, Gratuitous Marwan Kenzari

Not that it's any of my business but I've really come to suspect that Guy Ritchie might not be the, you know, straight shooter he's been sold as via his great big testosterone-riddled movies. I mean I've heard so many gay men claim they are "Married To Madonna" that it just seems like a euphemism at this point - Guy just took it that extra couple of steps. (See Also: Timothée Chalamet dating Lourdes, maybe.) Anyway you can look at the way he's previously shot Charlie Hunnam, Armie Hammer, Henry Cavill, Jason Statham, or you can look no further than the astonishingly gorgeous Dutch actor Marwan Kenzari here, who Guy just picked out of all the guys to play the villain Jafar in his upcoming live-action Aladdin movie.

Do you think they will keep Jafar as queer as he was in the animated movie? I know a lot of people hate the Sneering Lisping Gay Villain Stereotype, but I am, as you know, not one of those people - I find that shit empowering as hell. (We even have an entire tag devoted to celebrating them here on the site.) And with somebody as Drop Dead Stunning as Marwan here, well, I might just print myself up a protest tee screaming "Keep Jafar Queer." Just change the parrot on his shoulder to the character that Billy Magnussen is playing and we're all set. Jafar Modernized!

Anyway Marwan has only been acting for a decade but he'd already established himself before this next big gig - he's been a co-star in the recent Mummy and Ben-Hur reboots, and in the recent Murder on the Orient Express movie... okay they've all been terrible (or so I've heard - I still haven't seen the latter) but hey, you take what you can get at first. Here's to hoping Marwan - who turns 35 today - can really show what he's got soon. For now let's hit the jump and see what he's got that he's shown already, and lemme tell you what, he's shown a whole heckuva NSFW lot...

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