Thursday, May 21, 2020

More Movies Where Women Go WIld


I'm doing a post about two separate movie things right now, their only connection being that the central people involved are married in real life. But they're one of our best most talented celebrity movie couples, so it's okay! I speak of Alessandro Nivola and Emily Mortimer, of course -- first up, as seen above, that's the very first photo I've seen anywhere of Nivola playing the lusty mountain man who sets all the nuns ablaze in the BBC adaptation of Black Narcissus. I told you this was happening last year --checking IMDb this week I was glad to see they're in post-production on it, meaning it got filmed before shutdown & hopefully we'll get it this fall!

And then as for Emily Mortimer, a few weeks back I shared with y'all the first images from the real buzzy horror flick Relic, which IFC Midnight is releasing on July 10th -- well now we've got a creepy-ass teaser-trailer to go along with it. This is probably the last trailer I'm going to watch personally since it seems like plenty -- a longer one will start giving away the film's scares and who needs that? All I know is I'm monstrously jealous of all the critics that are quoted in this thing, because they have seen it. Still they're dropping comparisons to Hereditary and The Babadook so best to prepare your souls.

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schmiedepaul said...

*The* Relic is one of my favorite films ...