Monday, April 27, 2020

Relic of the Future

Every year I'm pretty jealous of folks who go to Sundance, but this year turns out that trip was more important than most, because The Movies as a whole totally shut down not long after it -- I would usually fill my hole with Tribeca and regular press screenings but those are, for the moment, gone the way of the Dodo. D'oh! Anyway today comes news on one of the movies that played Sundance that I was most curious about -- the buzziest horror movie of 2020's fest was called Relic, and IFC has just announced they're releasing it on July 10th. In theaters they say, as well as on demand. We'll see about the theaters, I guess!

Relic is from first-time feature director Natalie Erika James and stars beloved Emily Mortimer as a woman who's mother goes missing for a bit, only to reappear a bit later somewhat, umm, different. Bella Heathcoate (from The Neon Demon) plays Mortimer's daughter while Robyn Nevin plays her newly wackadoo mother, and that's about all I plan on knowing about the movie going in. Save ourselves some surprises for when Movies are a thing again!

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