Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Good Morning, World

Normally I would just add these photos of Mark Ruffalo in the HBO miniseries I Know This Much Is True to yesterday's post about Mark Ruffalo in the HBO miniseries I Know This Much is True, but I have actually watched the first two episodes now -- something I mentioned in yesterday's post as having been not the case. You know I watched the episodes because that is how I know about these extra few snippets of Ruffalo skin, scattered about the thing.

Anyway I have to agree with MNPP pal "Aquinas1220" who commented on yesterday's post about the show's total lack of "levity or light" -- I will probably keep watching it because it's well-acted and beautifully shot by Cianfrance, but it's a real difficult sit at this precise moment in time; it's so relentlessly dreary, almost to the point where you start to reflexively laugh at the darknesses being constantly cast down upon on these folks. This is some Book of Job shit. Maybe it'll be easier if I just watch one episode per week. Anybody else have thoughts? Hit the jump for more gifs (although I recommend yesterday's post for the better gratuity)...

I am so entirely fascinated by the booty shorts that Ruffalo slips on over his tighty-whities in these scenes -- they're like blue underwear over his underwear that he wears around the house or something? I don't know what is happening, we never get a great shot of them, but they be a noticeably weird choice.

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Adam said...

This looks like a very bad continuity error where they were trying to show he was naked in the bed...? I watched that gif of him pulling up the blue shorts over and over (for research) and it looks like it's his bare butt!