Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Good Morning, World

I haven't watched Jacques Audiard's film A Prophet with Tahar Rahim here in maybe ten years -- today it's ten year anniversary here in the U.S. but now that I think about it I actually think I saw it kind of late. I think I saw it on DVD when it came out. Anyway I never wrote a review, but I did give Tahar Rahim acting honors in that year's prizes, so I knew what was up. Any big fans of A Prophet? It's a truly great film, my memory banks tell me. (See more of Tahar in it, gratuitously gif-wise I mean, right here.) Audiard's gone on to make some of my favorite movies of the decade -- Rust and Bone and Dheepan and The Sisters Brothers, all great stuff. I wonder what's next for Jacques? 

Rahim's career on the other hand has been a little weird -- the thing he did right after A Prophet was play that mud-spackled so-called Seal Prince in The Eagle with Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell's weird-ass homoerotic slave love story; Rahim was probably the best thing about that movie, save the homoeroticism, but then I didn't see him again until Asghar Farhadi's film The Past (briefly reviewed here) a few years later. Since then it's been even more spotty (I did like his horror film called Daguerrotype, reviewed here) but I think this year might be a big one for him -- he's got Damien Chazelle's musical-set TV series The Eddy coming soon, which sounds interesting. It's about time somebody tap into this potential. Hit the jump for one more NFSW gif from this sequence...

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