Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Feel the Dern

First off WHERE has that photo of Laura Dern recreating the terrifying detached heads scene from Return to Oz been all my life? I don't even know what the original source was, when it's from, but it filled a need I didn't know I had. Anyway in Queen Dern News the title for the new Jurassic World has been revealed today as they just started filming, and I wrote about it, and my battered and bruised love for the franchise, over at The Film Experience today, click on over to read. The greatest hope for the movie is Dern's return as Ellie Sattler -- let's hope they do right by her. And Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum, who will all be back. And by "do right" I mean "if you kill any of them I will fucking riot" obviously. I have my limits.

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Anonymous said...

The photo was from a piece from W magazine, celebrating David Lynch/ Twin Peak: The Return. Lynch's other leading ladies were the other heads alongside Dern!