Thursday, January 30, 2020

Suddenly... Taron?

All of the reporting on this seems to be coming from unverified sources, but that's not keeping Twitter from reacting so what the hell, I'll bring it up -- there's are two rumors going around that 1) Taron Egerton is going to play Seymour in a new Little Shop of Horrors movie, and 2) Scarlett Johansson will be playing Audrey. Audrey #1 that is, the Ellen Greene role. Not the plant. Although I'd enjoy the plant more? 

I know I've come out as boldly indifferent to the concept of remakes -- that they don't erase the original versions and you can still love the previous version just fine even with the new property in the world -- but the thought of anyone playing Audrey except for Ellen Greene has always been been my kryptonite. I can't even imagine it, so inextricable do I find that role and that actress. When I saw Jake Gyllenhaal do the musical live a few years ago that was fine, because Greene was still there as Audrey -- some might've scoffed at their age difference but I didn't even notice. She remains Audrey. 

I am perfectly aware that that wouldn't work on film, though -- I was sitting in the balcony and could suspend my disbelief well enough from that distance, something a single close-up in a film would throw right out the window. But I just can't wrap my head around somebody else as Audrey. I'm not even anti-ScarJo -- I could see her mixing some sweetness into the city gal she played to great effect in Don Jon and getting the appropriate cocktail for the part. She doesn't have Greene's voice but man, if we held out for Greene's voice another 30 years would pass. (Which, you know, would be okay.)

As for Taron... well some people complained that Jake was too hot to play Seymour but I loved his take, and it'd be hypocritical to argue otherwise for Taron. He'll be the Sexy Nerd in a pair of glasses with bulging biceps obviously, but he can at least sing. I don't know? It's still too early for this for me. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

The update I read said Lady Gaga as Audrey and Billy Porter as the plant.

Billy Porter is brilliant casting...Lady Gaga is less so.

Anonymous said...

For years, we had hot nerdy girls in movies (even without any reality). It's time to reverse the sex object angle.

par3182 said...

are we sure scarjo isn’t playing audrey 2? she did say she should be allowed to play any *tree* she wanted...

Anonymous said...

Taron would be terrific and he's swoon-worthy!