Thursday, July 02, 2015

Pics of the Day

I didn't take any pictures during the Little Shop of Horrors show last night; I figured I wouldn't need to, that someone with a finer seat and a finer camera than I would... and sure enough. (via and via) And really I didn't need to take any pictures because I am never going to forget the experience, not ever, not as long as I live.
It was that good. When those first tender notes of "Somewhere That's Green" plinked off the piano I was done for. I hadn't really given much thought in the immediate lead-up to the show to how integral the 1986 movie was to my childhood, but it was came rushing back as Ellen sang - I was ten years old and she was singing to me up there. It seems silly, in retrospect, to have not realized what a force it would be. It was... really quite something.

Everybody else was terrific - Jake was lovely and sweet and managed to mostly overcome his hot-to-death miscasting with some fine nebbishy voice and body work; Taran Killam killed. 

But it was, as it oughta be, all about Audrey. 
What a girl.


par3182 said...

remember that time my comment about meeting toni collette at the premiere of muriel's wedding drove you insane with jealousy?

you've had your revenge

well played

Kelley Bradley said...

I knew you'd cry! Good to know Miss Greene can still drain the tear ducts after 30+ years

das buut said...

Isn't she lovely? I just love her, and the pictures barely do her justice.

If Jake and his outfit suddenly go missing, I was with you all since tuesday.

billybil said...

The blog makes me want to hug you big time (and maybe kiss your cheek a few times too).

I am so glad it was so amazing - and I am so glad theatre and an actress can thrill you so.


Anonymous said...

Jake's miscasting is probably intentional. OK we know he's wanted to do musicals for a long time, they staged this during Pride week after the court decisions, Ashman's well deserved tributes etc. But the queer take on the musical comes full circle, when a hottie (for the benefit of gays and women) couples with an even older, more beat-up Audrey (she even says her character is in drag) cos they're "meant" to be together - not only because he's a straight doofus dating way out of league (which is a straight guy fantasy.)

Unlike most productions, Audrey II lunged at Seymour as if bypassing foreplay. Seymour's reading of getting sirloin steak for AII, sounds more a day in the life of a couple, not the usual master/"willing slave", boss/employee. Jake's habit of playing the foil to his costars (instead of dominating them), also made it more Faustian pact that awakens a lust (for fame, $...) innate to Seymour, not some heartland innocent dweeb "corrupted" by alien being as did Wilkof, Moranis played him.

Sorry for rambling like a spoilsport, but even though it would be white-washing again...Jake's bombast during the rockabilly, then turning on a dime to a flirty tart - is totally Freddie Mercury in The Great Pretender...yeah, Biopic ("Persian", teeth, wife-beater, um...:D)

Anonymous said...

* Foil: in terms of the story, but I meant Jake tends to approach a costar as an equal or sparring partner. Audrey II is less giant nightmare than an accomplice, partner.