Thursday, January 09, 2020

Bad Boys For Wife

I can't decide if my favorite part in the new trailer for the Harley Quinn movie -- I can never remember that thing's entire title and I really can't be bothered -- is the part scene above where Ewan McGregor and his intimate thug Chris Messina are hanging all on each other, or if it's the part where...

... somebody sticks their hands into Chris Messina's pants. (Hey we know what's in there!) Both of those shots are big fantasies -- I suppose it depends on the moment, the time of day, the rise and fall of the tides et cetera. (See the first trailer with accompanying gifs here.) Anyway did you hear that Ewan's character is no longer gay as long reported, but is now bisexual

I know how you feel, Chris. Nothing against bisexuality or anything -- this just feels like a rug pull since they have been selling it as "The First Gay Character In DC Movies!!!" for months and now, a few weeks beforehand, we find out otherwise. Bah whatever, Ewan & Chris are still hanging on each other, I can work with that. It's not like the silly superhero movie was going to take a break in between the action for a ten minute buggering scene or anything anyway. (SIGH. If only I ran the movie studios!)

Birds of Prey Etc. is out on February 7th.
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Anonymous said...

What is it about Chris Messina tho?... *dreamy*

Wish he'd stayed blonde for The Sinner tbh, but hey slat and pepper works for him too I guess.

Anonymous said...

So Zsasz is the only gay dude now, which I mean still a gay baddie, just not the main baddie.
Not how I expected Messina to go gay for the 1st time.

Is it the first time?