Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Prey On This, Punk

While I think Margot Robbie's performance as Harley Quinn in the first Suicide Squad got a little over-sold -- if something is merely good opposite so much that is deeply deeply bad it suddenly seems like more good, ya know -- I'm still against the odds into the spin-off movie Birds of Prey, but let's place the blame for this fool's interest squarely where it belongs: on the big strong backs of Ewan McGregor as the big gay bad and his bleach blond sex god slash henchman Chris Messina. Those two...

... could very clearly murder it and get away with it. But the trailer is colorful -- the Marilyn / Madonna "Diamonds" recreation looks fab -- and fun and perhaps not bogged down by all the Jared Leto bullshit Harley Quinn can fly properly. Oh and Rosie Perez and Mary Elisabeth effing Winstead, can't forget Rosie Perez and Mary Elizabeth effing Winstead. Watch:

Birds of Prey is out in February 2020, and now you can
hit the jump for a few more Ewan & Chris gifs just cuz...

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Anonymous said...

Is McGregor's character really gay? If so...fine. I mean, audiences can handle a gay villain but god forbid there be a gay protagonist, but fine. (I really do mean fine. It's not terrible or great, just a little frustrating.)