Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Do Dump or Marry - Private Dicks

Guess what you guys? Penises are suddenly all the rage! Should we thank Michael Fassbender for this? I know - I'm always wanting to "thank" Fassy, but the timing of this here penis hurricane we're in the eye of does seem felicitous, coming in the wake of all that media attention Fassy Jr. got last Fall with its Shame-ful exposure. Yes actors have been whipping it out for decades bless 'em, but in the past 24 hours I've seen the goods from three actors I didn't expect it from and it feels trend enough to mention. What three actors, you ask? Glad you asked!

Bobby Cannavale dropped trou and then some on Boardwalk Empire. Chris Messina popped his privates all over 28 Hotel Rooms. And Garrett Hedlund gets it all out On the Road. And yes if you hit the jump I will give you their goods but you should also hit the comments and tell me which of these fellows you'd do dump and marry since that's what we're (nominally) here for.


joel65913 said...

All are worth keeping but if I had to pick: Do-Chris Messina, Dump-Garrett Hedlund and Marry-Bobby Cannavale(those puppy dog eyes!)

Anonymous said...

Do - Chris Messina
Dump - Garrett Hedlund (who the hell is he?)
and Marry - Bobby Cannavale, I've always liked him, even as a huge asshole on Nurse Jackie. I guess I better start watching Boardwalk Empire. Fuck You Sutton Foster!

Derreck said...

Do - Chris Messina. He has a special place in my heart from Six Feet Under. His return in the final moments of the finale always starts the flood of tears for me.

Dump - Garrett Hedlund. I like him and have no problem with him. Plus, his butt was a nice surprise in Four Brothers. He gets a dump because his nude scene isn't nearly as gratuitous as the other boys though.

Marry - Bobby Cannavale. Easily. Love the voice, the face, the body and been on him ever since Will & Grace. Done deal.

das buut said...

I have to wade in since they are dumping my hubby:

Do Messina, dump Bobby, marry and jump all over Garrett.

Prospero said...

Do Chris
Dump Garrett
Marry Bobby.
It's that simple.

Glenn said...

Do Bobby Cannavale
Dump Garret Hedlund
Marry Chris Messina.

Mike J. said...

Do Garrett. Young and trainable
Marry Chris. Especially the with the charming side he's showing on "The Mindy Project."
Dump Bobby--talented actor, but just doesn't do it for me.

Murtada said...

do and marry Chris.... if I got him I dont want anybody else

Roark said...

Dump Bobby. Great actor, cracking me up on Boardwalk Empire, does nothing for me really.

Messina and Hedlund are pretty close. Hedlund appears to have the nicer ass, so I guess I'll give that the tie break - do Messina, marry Hedlund.

The Bloody Munchkin said...

I'm with das buut. Give me Hedlund of give me death. Do Messina, dump Bobby. He's ok, but I don't get the fawning.

Wyatt Renfro said...

DO Chris Messina circa Julie & Julia. Him on "The Mindy Project" is a boner killer.

DUMP Garrett Hedlund. He is an afterthought.

MARRY Bobby Cannavale. I would have his "funky spunk" in my mouth.

John T said...

I will be marrying Fassy and disregarding the rules of the game.