Thursday, October 31, 2019

Third Time's a Chalamet

Fresh off spending an evening in his plaid-panted company -- not to mention currently reading The Further Adventures of Elio, Boy Wonder -- I'm feeling flush with Timmy this week, and it's only getting flusher since I just stumbled upon three more pictures from his L'Uomo Vogue shoot (see the earlier ones here and here) and I also just realized that The King hits Netflix tomorrow! ("Tomorrow" as in "Midnight plus one tonight" that is.) Read my review of The King here -- big pile of words briefer I liked it a lot, and recommend you watch it -- I've got plenty else to watch but I might end up watching it a second time myself! Okay and yes by saying I "stumbled upon" these three photos what I really meant was Timothée posted them on Instagram his own damned self -- am I a wizard? I can't conjure up Timmy out of nothing. I just look, and sometimes Timmy happens.

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