Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Keeper of My Flame

If I had all the funds in the world (and perhaps more importantly somewhere to actually go) that's what you'd see me dressed as for Halloween tonight -- Robert Pattinson in The Lighthouse chic! And with Willem Dafoe's character it's the perfect couple's costume this year to boot. (If you're a throuple somebody could be the seagull.) You wouldn't want to run into director Robert Eggers though -- he'd start tearing pieces of your costume off if they were in the slightest historically inaccurate. Of course...

... Robert Eggers ripping your clothes off isn't necessarily 
a bad thing. It sure worked out for Rob. 

Anyway this is my way of wishing everybody a Happy Halloween tonight -- I'd love to hear what y'all are dressing up as! I already did the Vincent Price thing this past weekend (see below) so we're taking it easy tonight, staying in and watching something scary TBD. Have a great holiday, land lubbers!


Mike said...

What... is the context of that GIF?

Joe K said...

Actually did go as Robert Pattinson in the Lighthouse. Or, more specifically, my friend and I went as the Robert Eggers Multiverse (she dressed up as The Witch, I was a wickie/an actual lighthouse).

Mike Johnson said...

When will producers take a cue from "The New Pope" with Jude in a Speedo? Shirtless Pattinson is the best marketing so far for this movie. Along with reviews by folks like you of course.