Friday, November 01, 2019

Good Morning, World

I guess I need to go back and watch Prometheus because I don't remember this shot from it at all? That seems improbable. My brain blacking out this shot, I mean. Anyway a happy 43rd birthday to Logan Marshall-Green today -- the last thing I saw him in (or that is the last thing I remember seeing him in, apparently) is Leigh Whannell's bone-breakingly awesome actioner Upgrade (my review) but I know he's co-starring in an incredibly cast post-WWII thriller television show set in Germany called Shadowplay that I cannot wait to see -- it will co-star Nina "The Boss" Hoss and Sebastian Koch and Michael C. Hall and Taylor Kitsch, and I also know  thanks to his Instagram that he's been directing his own movie, one that stars Ethan Hawke, and which is coincidentally out today. So he's busy. We don't need to worry about Logan Marshall-Green.

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Frank said...

Tom Hardy lite.