Monday, October 21, 2019

Pic of the Day

I know it's still early to declare such things but unless Tom Hardy is caught skinny-dipping on the set of the new season of Taboo like he did that first time then I have to think there won't be a picture I enjoy more today than this shot of Armie Hammer (with a mustache!) reunited with his Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino via his Insta.

Armie didn't tag the other two people but I think the woman at the bottom is CMBYN's casting director Stella Rossa Savino -- her Insta was a great source of behind-the-scenes stuff during CMBYN's production; as for the bearded bguy in the middle I feel like I should definitely know I should know who that is, but I'm not sure. Anybody know? I thought it might have been Luca's partner Ferdinando Cito (I can never remember what he looks like) but after a google it is not.

Anyway Armie is either rocking that mustache for the remake of Rebecca directed by Ben Wheatley, which just finished filming -- he's playing Olivier's role and Olivier had quite the stache in Hitchcock's original film -- or the stache is for Kenneth Branagh's remake of Death on the Nile, and I tend to favor the latter being the truth. We already know how integral Branagh sees facial hair to that franchise thanks to that unsightly beast, really more of a living flailing mink, that he himself wore on his face in his 2017 version of Murder on the Orient Express.


Anonymous said...

What is my main SQUEEZE, Mark Ruffalo doing hanging out with these guys??? and I didn't get invited (sad face).

Jason Adams said...

That is not Mark Ruffalo

Anonymous said...

I just read Find Me. It doesn't live up to expectations, more like a melodrama disguised as an intimate love story. I'm not sure if Aciman is writing for the screen as he was in CMBYN just for the sheer love of a strong narrative. Disappointing to say the least. I just hope the screen adaptation would be much better.