Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Tom Hardy's Taboo Bits Part 2

When I go all in, I go all in -- on Sunday we posted some pap-snaps of Tom Hardy stripping and romping around naked on the set of his upcoming TV show Taboo from the tabloid The Sun. They were fun! They were also censored, at least of the important front bits. We were hoping uncensored ones would show up because duh, and drum-roll please -- we have peen! Head over to The Superficial to see the full uncensored Hardy, tip to tip. (Thanks Henry)

I actually had gathered all the shots up to post here on our site but then I saw they'd paid for the exclusive and didn't censor them for us, so they deserve all the love they can get. However! There are some shots that were posted at JJ that I haven't seen anywhere yet - they are censored, but just barely. BARELY. So we'll go ahead and share a few dozen of those after the jump because really, what is too much Naked Tom Hardy? It don't exist!

Okay okay you made it that far? 
Here's a surprise treat:

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