Monday, October 21, 2019

By Skarsgård's Beard

They only just announced that Alex is starring in a Viking Movie for The Lighthouse director Robert Eggers a couple of days ago but he's immediately been spotted this past weekend rocking a big ol' beautiful beard -- I don't think that Eggers' film could possibly be filming any time soon though, so the beard must be for Alex's turn as the bad guy in the new version of Stephen King's The Stand, I'm guessing. It's a good strong solid beard either way, though! Anyway who knew I'd spend all of today musing about pretty tall blonde men's facial hair... well who knew that except for all of the people who know me or who read this site, at least. All y'all know I'd spend my life on such matters, given the opportunity... and I have given myself the opportunity with this very site. Funny, that.

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