Thursday, October 10, 2019

Michiel Huisman Takes Flight

I think we have found the limits to my Michiel Huisman devotion, you guys. It runs deep and it runs strong but I don't think it runs quite as deep or quite as strong as my total mind and body aversion to the actress Kaley Cuoco, who is the opposite magnet to my own -- she repels me away instantaneously and with sudden, great force. Anyway when I read (thx Mac) that his next role is opposite that person on a series for HBO called The Flight Attendant -- read the details at this link, I can't expend the energy; writing this close to that person is making me weak -- I got very sad. So I went and looked at some gifs of Michiel in Red Sea Diving Resort and I felt a little less sad. Hey, at least we've got that action movie with Mary Elizabeth Winstead to look forward to!


udryx said...

What if we Kickstart a Deepfake version that replaces her with a second Michiel?

Jason Adams said...


Anonymous said...

Actually it's the like poles on magnets that repel each other ;-). But yeah, she's um not great.