Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... booked hard by Finn & Jai.

It looks like the movie that was Semper Fi that got its title changed to the boring and bland Edge of Dawn has gotten its title changed back to Semper Fi again, at least according to the trailer that just got released. Semper Fi is a better title! Score one for better movie titles.

But the movie also immediately then gets a point deducted for showing off a truly awful back tattoo on Jai Courtney's beautiful back in that same trailer, so I guess we're at even again. But hey "even" here is not so bad, since this movie does star Jai and Finn and Nat Wolff...

... and we saw them all shooting a pool scene that one time, and it also promises to have Jai wearing both military and cop uniforms at some point in it. That's a hell of a good base to start off from. Here's the trailer:
Semper Fi hits theaters and demand on October 4th.

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Adrian C said...

I don't like Nat Wolff, he plays all his character the same way. I've literally seen a spork give a better performance (granted, an animated one). that being said, this looks like a fun watch on demand.
Also, I like Jai Courtney a hell of a lot more than I dislike Nat Wolff so...