Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Good Morning, World

The latest issue of Interview Magazine has delivered us a real treat, a conversation between Almodóvar regulars Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz -- click here to read the whole thing, and to check out another picture I haven't posted. They mainly speak about their new movie Pain and Glory, which is out here in the US on October 4th (after playing the New York Film Festival) -- click here to watch its trailer. Yesterday I was just speaking of the film, which I've now seen, with some love for Antonio's other co-star Asier Etxeandia. Here's a choice bit from Antonio & Penelope's chat:

"Curiosity is fundamental. There is a moment in life — and I had this experience two and a half years ago with my cardiac issues — when you realize that there is only room for the truth. There is a moment when you say, “If it is not something that is completely true for me, I’m not interested.” You realize that years are passing by and that life is getting shorter. During the rehearsal period, Pedro said to me, “Antonio, since you had your heart attack, there is something in you that has changed. Do not be afraid to show that part of you.” I knew exactly what he was talking about. When you see death so closely, it leaves a mark and it stays there, sticking to the heart. Pedro detected it, and I used it throughout the movie. It is a type of sadness—not depression, just the character’s sadness of knowing that death exists. Penélope, deep down you know it, that we are no more than the experiences we have. Us actors, we live off of that. If there are no experiences, there is nothing."

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