Tuesday, July 23, 2019

What Damage a Sam Can Do

I'm checking off two of my most anticipated films for what's left of 2019 from my checklist this week -- tonight I'm seeing Jennifer Kent's Babadook follow-up The Nightingale starring The Fall's Aisling Franciosi as well as this Sam Claflin chap seen here (watch the trailer at this link), and on Thursday it's Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood of course, which I'm currently in the fun process of dodging all spoilers for on Twitter. Fun!

I actually almost had The Nightingale spoiled for me today by of all places the film's press notes sent from its own PR people -- I'm guessing they've gotten some strong reactions due to its well-documented harsh content (recall a critic in Venice getting canned for screaming obscenities at Kent after a screening there) and were just trying to be upfront about triggering folks I guess, but I read a few words more than I wish I would've with regards to that. Oh well. Anyway The Nightingale is out on August 2nd so stay tuned for more, like a for real review and everything, shortly.

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Mirko said...

He wasn’t a critic, just a festivalgoer who declared to be a director (I think he had made some short films), even if he actually wrote something for an Italian webzine (not among the most famous ones). A very painful episode which gave us all a bad sign about the state of people who normally goes to these festivals. I’m glad in Venice they reacted well, even because the guy was there with an accreditation...The Nightingale is a bold and interesting film, once you watch it you will understand what bother this kind of person