Wednesday, May 22, 2019

"I go sloooow."

There are movies I am looking forward to this year and there are Movies I Am Looking Forward To This Year, and Jennifer Kent's long long long awaited follow-up to The Babadook called The Nightingale sits atop the latter -- ever since it caused men to toss themselves into the ocean clutching their hearts at Venice last year I have been on fire with desire. Well I don't have that much longer to burn now, as IFC has just announced an August 2nd release date for NYC & LA, and also dropped a poster & trailer. And the trailer is goooood. Watch:

Absolutely chilling -- my want went up, 
which seemed impossible, until it happened. 

The movie stars Aisling Franciosi (you should recognize her as the teenager that Jamie Dornan had an affair with on The Fall) as a young woman somehow wronged by Sam Claflin -- I guess she's got a thing, being wronged by men whose hotness makes the audience feel gross conflicted things about their bad behavior -- who seeks revenge across the Tasmanian wilderness in the early 1800s. Put August 2nd in your calendars, everybody! Here's the poster:

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