Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Pics of the Day

Good news for those of us who cherish the opportunity to see Garrett Hedlund on the big screen (not to mention to hear Garrett Hedlund's bone deep drawl via big speakers) -- his 2018 Sundance winning film Burden has finally secured a studio and a release date and a trio of new pictures, seen here.

THR is reporting the film, which stars Hedlund and Usher Raymond and Andrea Riseborough and Forest Whitaker and is about a KKK member (Hedlund) reforming --  will come out in November. Word was great at Sundance last year, where it won the Audience Award, but then it sort of fell off the face of the Earth; add in Garrett's loss of a few notable projects lately and we were worried! 

While looking this news up I also stumbled upon something else Garrett Hedlund related worth a share -- one of his other upcoming projects (it's filming right now) is called Dirt Music and co-stars the very fine duo of Kelly Macdonald and David Wenham. Somebody on Twitter spotted an image from the film on the wall at Cannes, and I wish they'd have taken a straight-on snap of the thing but we'll make due for the time being given the photo's most gorgeous contents...

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