Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Who Shall Be Shang-Chi?

Just last week after watching the first new episode of the latest season of Black Mirror we posted about the actor Ludi Lin, who plays a much ogled at video-game avatar therein, and I guess we weren't the only people taking note -- the folks at Marvel did too! Rumor's going around that Lin, who has acted in plenty before -- he was a Power Ranger, and I guess he's in Aquaman too? -- is up for the leading role in Shang-Chi, their already-announced Phase Four superhero flick about the martial-arts expert turned self-multiplier. (Read up on the character on Wikipedia, like I just did!) Lin isn't the only name in contention...

... they're also looking at 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale Reggie actor Ross Butler, who's probably more of a "name" (and who's taller, which the article makes note of for some reason?) but who doesn't have Ludi's fight training. Who would you pick?

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I still don't watch Riverdale so I can't speak to Butler's charms, but I found Ludi to be plenty captivating in his scenes on Black Mirror so I'm standing by that man for now. 


Anonymous said...

I gotta with Ludi. Boy makes me think thoughts!

Justin Klein said...

Actually, Ross Butler was only in the first season of Riverdale, but decided to stick with Thirteen Reasons Why, so was replaced by Charles Melton (The Sun is Also a Star, and currently filming Bad Boys for Life) as Reggie Mantle for the remaining seasons.