Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Jamie's Pipes Are Calling

I guess today is a day for asking, "Huh, can he sing?" because after learning Adam Driver is making a musical later this year we've gotten word that next up is male model turned movie pervert Jamie Dornan is going to star in a movie version of Georges Bizet's famed 1875 opera Carmen. (Thx Mac) Okay! If you say so! Even more the film will be directed by first time movie director Benjamin Millipied, celebrated sexy ballet dancer turned Mr. Natalie Portman. 

Now I've never seen Carmen -- full disclosure: I have never seen an opera, period -- so I don't know much about the story. But what I do know is Jamie's role of "Aidan" per the announcement isn't a character listed on the opera's Wikipedia page. I suppose they could've changed the male lead's name for this -- is the male lead the "Escamillo" character? Anyway "Carmen" herself will be Melissa Barrera, who's playing the lead in Lin-Manuel Miranda's In the Heights movie, so she can probably definitely sing. Which seems important. For an opera. Call me nuts.


Pierce said...

You live in New York City and you haven't been to the Metropolitan Opera? What are you waiting for? They do productions the musical theater can only wish to produce. Next season, they're doing Franco Zefferelli's beautiful La Boheme, which I've seen three times; Julie Taymor's superb Magic Flute and Anthony Minghella's incredible production of Madama Butterfly (the ending gives me goosebumps just thinking about it) Buy a ticket in the Family Circle. You see things up there you can't see in the $300 seats on the main floor. If you can see the Zefferelli Turandot! It's the most breathtaking production I've seen anywhere! Opera is amazing!

Jason Adams said...

Pierce -- having never been to an Opera here in NYC is my greatest shame. Your advice is MUCH APPRECIATED -- the thing is I just have no idea what I should see as my first and I get overwhelmed and put it off and put it off. I very much want to, but I want a good entry level one, and also I don't have tons of money so that's an issue too. But everything you just offered there is of great help! I swear I'll do it as soon as I can sit myself down and make the decision.

Pierce said...

Jason, have you seen Rent? Then you would be familiar enough with it to see Boheme. It's one of the Met's best productions, too. I first saw it in 1982 and have seen it at the Met twice since then. I also have it on DVD. The Magic Flute is a fairy tale, and if you want to see a good production on film before seeing Taymor's delightful production, see the Ingmar Bergman film. It's totally marvelous and very inventive.

Madame Butterfly is also Miss Saigon, but like I said, the ending is completely electrifying. That final image is something you will never forget. If I come to NYC, I should get hold of you and go with you. Steve

Pierce said...

If you need an opera in English, They're doing Porgy and Bess, Gershwin. You know, of course, that every seat has Met Titles, your own personal subtitles. Another reason I sit up in the Dress Circle is that the titles are in front of you, but you don't need to look away from the stage. Porgy and Bess is a glorious piece of music. They're also doing the new Traviata. You should know the story because it's Camille. I would be willing to come to NYC. I wouldn't expect you to see all of them with me, but they are doing Zefferelli's Turandot. It is the most beautiful production I've ever seen. They have a lake onstage!

Let me know. I'd be pleased to meet you and go with you for your first opera. My niece lives in NYC and I've taken her to her first Broadway show, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (which I went back to see again while I was there) and her first opera, Zefferelli's La Boheme! Steve