Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Good Morning, World

I think I just stumbled upon a shot from Jai Courtney's ad campaign for Bonds underwear that I missed back in 2015? I had to scour through our previous posts extensively, with a squinched up eye and a sweaty microscope -- not a hardship! -- but I'm coming down on yes, yes I missed this one. What a goddamned blessing! For all of our previous posts on this heady subject click here or click here or click here or click here or click here

Anyway I was looking for Jai pictures not for my own perverted needs (this once) but rather to attach to the news that Jai just got attached to a new thing, a limited-event Aussie TV drama about immigration called Stateless that Cate Blanchett is starring in. (Happy belated, Cate!) The series will also star Dominic West (ugh I don't like him) and Handmaid's Tale wonder Yvonne Strahovski, you can read more about its plot at that link. And I'm sure, with a cast like this, it will eventually make its way to the US.

Oh and this is besides the other limited-series TV event that Cate Blanchett announced yesterday -- did you hear about the Phyllis Schafly thing with the truly crazy cast? You need to read that if not.

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