Monday, July 07, 2014

Joe Meet Jai, Jai Meet Joe

You know things are pretty much done between yourself and a show when you're fine hearing spoilers, and they barely give you a shrug. Anyway we're not actually here to talk True Blood and its most recent happenings, which I already had spoiled for me today (y'all can feel free to talk about it in the comments if you like, though) and I met with a shrug - we're here because over the weekend some of the final pictures from Joe Mangiello's photo-shoot with People magazine showed up online.

And they're worth our time and our effort. Clearly. Last week we posted the behind-the-scenes video with a whole slew of images from that, which you'll certainly want to check out if you missed them, but these ones here prove all that effort was worth it.

It was a fruitful venture for everyone involved.

But wait! We're not here just for Joe. Around the same time we we drooling over Joe in people last week we also found out that his fellow actor-slash-beefcake Jai Courtney had gotten a modeling campaign for an Aussie underwear brand. And now...

... we in turn have a behind-the-scenes video for that! 
Jai's yin to Joe's yang, as it were.

Natch I took a bunch of caps from the video, and you can see all of them after the jump, along with the video itself. Let's go, Jai...


The way they edited the video made making good gifs difficult, they were shifting the image all over the place on the screen, so you should actually watch the video, there's stuff in there in motion that I didn't get to gif. Just so's you know.


JH said...

Love Jai - but I wish he had left his chest more "natural". The smooth look doesn't work well when you know what he's really sporting!!

par3182 said...

i went blind admiring joe's pix so i never got to jai

Anonymous said...

Thank You! These pics are great and Thank You! for your time and effort in posting these HOT pics of Jai. I really appreciate your hard work on this EXCELLENT blog, easily one of the best. I agree with JH about his chest and I like him with a 5'Oclock shadow. Men like him are one of the many reasons I love being gay. Many Thanks And You Are Much Appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I rather have Jai than Joe. Joe was so 2015. Jai is the new Hollywood heartthrob