Thursday, April 16, 2015

Good Morning, Jai

I consider it strange that I'm always finding the new pictures of Jai Courtney modeling underwear randomly - I realize that this brand, called Bonds, is Australian, but you'd still think the internet would sit up and take notice when these things show up. But no, I only found that shot above because a pair of new Terminator pics...

 ... showing a half-naked Jai appeared
and sent me on one of my Jai binges.
The previous "Holy cow, Jai Courtney is an underwear model" posts can be seen right here and right here and right here, by the way. His hair is shorter in the new picture so I assume it's from a different shoot, which makes me sad when I realize they're still making him shave himself down for these. He should always be fuzzy. Anyway like I said, I went on another Jai binge - hit the jump for lots more!

And here's a couple random gifs of him messing around with Andy Whitfield from an old behind-the-scenes Spartacus video cuz why not...

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