Friday, April 05, 2019

I'm Holding Out For Another Hero

Is anyone planning on seeing Shazam! this weekend? Thanks to its better-than-expected reviews I would have planned on going if I wasn't so busy I might disintegrate at any moment, but my schedule is punching me in the nards so so hard for the next few days -- it looks like Shazam! will end up waiting. Sorry, Zach! (For a fuller copy of the above picture, which is pleasant to gaze upon, click here.) My nards say no deal! 

This is a busy weekend though -- the best thing you might be able to see depending on where you are is Claire Denis' High Life (read my review) but there's also the Pet Sematary remake (review shortly) and the frontier-lady horror flick The Wind (reviewed here) and Jai Courtney's Aussie Kiddie Flick Storm Boy and the Aretha Franklin doc Amazing Grace and Best of Enemies with Sam Rockwell leaning into his racist schtick alongside Taraji P. Henson...
... whose premiere I stumbled upon by accident last night. Oh and Elle Fanning's pop musical Teen Spirit, which I very much want to see (watch the trailer here) but cannot figure out how or when, thanks to the aforementioned nightmare schedule. Oh and there's a new Mike Leigh movie out today too! What the living fuck. It's too much! Add on the fact that Killing Eve returns on Sunday and you'd be forgiven for saying fuck it and throwing yourself off the Empire State Building. By me, I mean. Not God. God will hate you forever.

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AxFromMN said...

I saw Shazam last night and it is a pg13 confection.

I admit going in biased because I adore Cooper Andrews who plays foster dad.

I was also happily surprised by extended cameos at the end by Ross Butler and DJ Cotrona who I should probably be following on IG