Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Smells Like...

Lord knows I love to hate on musicals but every so often I fall under one's spell -- I mean just last year I dug both Vox Lux and Mary Poppins Returns, for example -- and Teen Spirit has a couple of checks in its plus column already. Namely that it stars Elle Fanning (who proved she can do the singing thing in last year's massively under-rated How To Talk To Girls At Parties) and the ever-glorious and watchable Rebecca Hall, two of my favorite actresses, and that the trailer visually, with all the bold colors against blacks and glitter, makes it feel like it could be The Neon Demon: The Musical.

I mean, I doubt it's that hardcore but I'm willing to give it a taste. Also interestingly the film is the directorial debut of adorable baby-headed actor Max Minghella, who's been crush-worthy on The Handmaid's Tale as of late, and who maybe picked up some directing genes from his pops, the late Anthony of The Talented Mr Ripley and The English Patient fame. Anyway Teen Spirit is out on April 5th so we'll find out pretty soon -- here's the trailer:

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Adrian C said...

i love love love Elle Fanning, i've seen just about every movie she's done and some of them are amongst my favorites ever (20th century women, neon demon, how to talk to girls at parties)