Friday, March 01, 2019

Melvil Poupaud Ten Times

After a terribly slow start to the year movie-wise this weekend it's like wham bam blessings left and right -- it's all of a sudden impossible to keep up! For one FSLC's "Rendez-vous with French Cinema" as I have mentioned a couple of times this week is off and running now, through next Sunday -- I'll have some more coverage of it next week but this weekend is no slouch; check out the whole schedule here. Mr. Poupaud seen here has a movie showing tonight called When Margaux Meets Margaux that sounds fun.

Besides that there's also the series of Charles Farrell heavy Fox Restorations at MoMA that I told you about this afternoon, and The Quad has just opened the 1991 film The Hours and Times about the possibly queer relationship between John Lennon and Brian Epstein, which I've always meant to see. (Plus they're still showing Sorry Angel, my beloved Sorry Angel.) And that's all before you even get to what's showing in theaters!!

I reviewed Greta, Neil Jordan's delightful Isabelle Huppert stalker movie, right here, and I reviewed the Icelandic eco-drama Woman at War yesterday, read that here --both of those movies are totally one of a kind and very much recommended. Then there's Transit, Christian Petzold's Karfka-esque oddity starring the Kafka-esque sex oddity Franz Rogowski, also very much recommended. And then then there's Gaspar Noe's dance film Climax, which I haven't gotten a chance to see yet but thanks to its killer trailer very very very much would like to.  Phew! That's a hella lotta movies! 

And as if all this wasn't enough besides all these films I'm also seeing Sea Life / A Wall at The Public this weekend, better known as the play starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge, and by all accounts Jake has been meeting and greeting fans after the show which, well, I already feel a little queasy with nerves about steeling myself for that particular Mount Olympus. Wish me luck! Who knows, maybe next week I'll have a selfie to share! (And I probably just jinxed myself.) Anyway you should tell us if you see anything good this weekend in the comments, and now you may hit the jump for the rest of this Melvil Poupaud photo-shoot...

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