Friday, March 01, 2019

Hall to the Future

Rebecca Hall, one of our greatest actresses, is going to star in a sci-fi TV series for Mark Romanek, one of our greatest directors -- this news, if you can't tell already, is great. The Amazon series will be called Tales From the Loop and it will be based on the strange futuristic art-work of Simon Stålenhag -- here's how the show's plot is described:

"[It will tell] the story of a town that lives above The Loop. This machine was built to help unlock the mysteries of the universe, and in doing so, has given the people technology and advancements they never dreamed possible."

I hadn't heard of Stålenhag before so I went googling -- he's got several books for sale on Amazon right here -- and I kinda fell in love. And because my brain is running on fumes and barbecue right now I gathered together a group of my favorite pictures of his, which'll give you an idea of what this world Romanek'll be creating should look like -- you can see them right on after the jump...


par3182 said...

i'm in!

Xamalion said...

I just bought all his books a few weeks ago. I love his art. It's got a Neill Blomkamp vibe but with a bit of Blade Runner mixed in. Can't wait to see.