Friday, March 01, 2019

Good Morning, Franz

The latest film from Barbara and Phoenix director Christian Petzold called Transit is out here in New York today -- I shared the poster and the trailer with you back in January and I called it, and I quote, "One of the best movies I saw at NYFF" this past year. And I stand by that! The film stars Franz Rogowski -- seen above and below being his weird sexy self on his Instagram -- as a man stuck in a Kafka-esque seaside anti-adventure where he's trying to get out and can't, and trying to find a mysterious woman and can't, and so on; it's this self-contained and cyclical fairy tale of sorts that feels entirely stepped out of time and yet also entirely effortless. It's been stuck on my brain for months. I recommend it! And a bonus -- our pal Murtada interviewed director Petzold over at The Film Experience yesterday and they dove into his Fassbenderian influences, among others, read that here! S'good stuff!

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