Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Hot For Teacher

Laurent Lafitte, last seen making me feel like a reeeeeal sleazeball in Paul Verhoeven's rape-comedy Elle -- and if you don't leave a Verhoeven rape-comedy feeling wrong then you're really very wrong -- has a movie playing at the Film Society of Lincoln Center's annual "Rendez-vous with French Cinema" series at the end of this month, and it looks like a real keeper! It's called School's Out and it's about a substitute teacher (Lafitte) who finds his new class of young people eerily detached, emotionally speaking. And considering their former prof killed himself I think all signs might point to danger, danger! 

The film was just released in France in January -- not sure if I have any French readers who've seen it but I'm hoping it's good, and I'm hoping that they spend a lot of time at whatever swimming hole it is pictured above, and those priorities are perhaps not in that precise order. Here is the French trailer:
You can and should check out the whole line-up for the "Rendez-vous" series right here -- they always show great stuff, every year I see something impressive. A couple of things that are catching my eye right off the bat are Mia Hansen-Løve's new film called Maya and Bruno Dumont's new movie called Coincoin and the Extra-Humans (indeed!) and then there's the new one from wacko director Quentin Dupieux (he made the movie about the murderous tire called Rubber) called Keep an Eye Out!, exclamation point included. The series runs from February 28th through March 10th. Oh and there's a movie starring Vincent Lacoste...

... the adorable co-star of this weekend's fan-fucking-tastic film Sorry Angel that I've been telling you about -- it's called Amanda. Y'all gonna have a crush on him real soon, if you don't already. In summation  after the jump are a few gifs of Laurent Lafitte in that School's Out trailer worth a look...


Anonymous said...

Vincent Lacoste is also in The Freshmen (Première Année) :P

Jason Adams said...

Good catch, I missed that. He's everywhere. Which after Sorry Angel makes me very happy.