Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Utopia Is Finally Coming For Us All

Oh we're getting all kinds of exciting news today -- America Honey actress Sasha Lane has been cast as the lead in Amazon's remake of the UK series Utopia, which news-to-me is apparently rolling forward. The last I'd heard on this (I was a huge massive fan of the original series) was four years ago when David Fincher was going to make it with his beloved Rooney Mara -- that clearly never materialized. There was a rumor that Fincher buried the UK version on this side of the pond, keeping it from streaming services so US audiences wouldn't be able to be spoiled.

It's really very much worth seeking out though. The Variety article gives some plot details, if you need them. And the original is actually on Amazon UK, I see. It's find-able. Find it! Anyway now Gillian Flynn, writer of Fincher's Gone Girl (not to mention Widows and Sharp Objects), is on the case -- apparently I missed the announcement back in April when Amazon ordered nine episodes. No other actors have been announced yet but that'll surely be coming so stay tuned.

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