Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Who's Timmy's Daddy? Oscar Isaac Is

Well the latest casting announcement for Denis Villenueve's Dune movie is a thriller -- Oscar Isaac is going to play Duke Leto Atreides, father to Paul, played by one Timothée Chalamet. I had to google it - Oscar is sixteen years older than Timmy, so it's technically possible, but they'll still probably age him up a little is my guess. Anyway this means Oscar will be bridging the Star Wars universe with the Dune one, which always seemed inevitable. In Lynch's 1984 film this role was played by a well-bearded Jürgen Prochnow -- I hope they keep the beard! Oscar always looks better with the beard.


Anonymous said...

Amen to Jürgen Prochnow's beard. Has the silver screen ever seen a better one?

Anonymous said...

Ugh enough with the Oscar Isaac already! Producers/directors/casting directors need to get more creative.