Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I Am Link

Well I haven't done one of these link round-up posts in ages and ages; they're time-consuming and what with that steady stream of film fests I was caught up in for a couple of months there twasn't meant to be. There's all sorts of news I've missed mentioning, but I'm going to try to keep these links more recent, since one assumes you guys get your news from other places. I know, I know, a nutso assumption, but we'll entertain the thought for today. Here goes...

--- Crazy Rich Christmas - Gorgeous Henry Golding was to the shock of nobody looking gorgeous and exuding charm in Paul Feig's A Simple Favor earlier this year, and so it wasn't a shock when Feig announced he was re-teaming with the Crazy Rich Asians star for his next project, a romantic holiday comedy called Last Christmas that'll have him wooing the elf-pants right off of the mother of dragons herself, Emilia Clarke. Today's news that Henry's CRA co-star and eternal goddess Michelle Yeoh is joining the cast though, that's something to jig fresh over.

--- Divine Interference - I'm heading down to Baltimore myself in a couple of weeks to see the John Waters exhibit that the Baltimore Museum of Art is currently staging, I'll surely report back on that once I do, but if you'd rather hear what John Waters himself has to say on it well I suppose you could click right here for a chat with him in the Washington Post. (thx Mac)

--- Bateman Below - As if the Muriel's Wedding musical wasn't enough to already have me contemplating throwing out my thumb to catch a ride Down Under now the entire continent of Australia is really going out of its way to make me crazy, musical-style - they're staging my beloved American Psycho musical in Sydney in the spring. The only show I've ever gone to see thrice! I don't know who Ben Gerrard is, I guess he's a well-known personality down there, but it's a shame they couldn't coax Benjamin Walker out of whatever hole Meryl Streep tossed him into after he abandoned that Gummer.

--- The Next Killer - Have you guys watched Cam on Netflix yet? The "cam girl" horror movie starring Madeline Brewer from The Handmaid's Tale? Here's my review in case you need convincing - the movie is very smart and fine and I recommend it. Well writer Isa Mazzei and director Daniel Goldhaber, the team behind the film, just let slip that they're teaming back up to make another horror flick next - it's a "semi-autobiographical" female-led serial-killer flick. Mazzei also reassures that the "semi" means she is not a serial killer, so that's good. In related here's a chat with Madeline Brewer about Cam.

--- Follow That Bird - Being so busy the past week I've fallen an episode behind on Park Chan-wook's miniseries The Little Drummer Girl, but if you've happened to be on Twitter while I am watching an episode then you know I am mad about what I have seen so far - it's gorgeous stuff. And happily the Atlantic got to chat with PCW about the visual style, particularly the show's vibrant color palette, you can read it all right here. I'm holding off on reading the article til the show's done myself though, since I don't want to color, har har, the experience of watching the show as it unfolds.

--- Twits Ahead - Every time a new Roald Dahl adaptation has come up over the years, and there have been many, I've always whined about the one story of his that nobody was adapting, his 1980 book The Twits, which was a childhood fave. It's an over-the-top goofy and brief book so whining aside I've always mostly understood why nobody's bothered. But now comes word that Netflix is making "an exclusive new and first-of-its-kind slate of original animated event series and specials" based on all of Dahl's works - basically it sounds like they're doing for Dahl what Castle Rock did for Stephen King and creating a "shared universe." So I expect me some Twits!

--- And Finally a new trailer for Patty Jenkins' miniseries I Am the Night with her Wonder Woman leading man Chris Pine popped up earlier this week - we shared the first look at the show back in June right here; this is about the Black Dahlia killing in Los Angeles in 1949. The series premieres at the tail-end of January. Watch:

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