Friday, September 21, 2018

Monty Takes Manhattan

The line-up for New York's annual LGBT film festival NewFest has been revealed today and it seems especially, well, girthful this year - over the course of a week, October 24th through 30th, they're screening over ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FILMS. Granted some of those are Shorts, but still. It's still insane. We heard last week that their opening night film was the upcoming AIDS drama called 1985 (we shared the trailer here) but today's announcement brings word (among many many words) that their Centerpiece Film is Joel Edgerton's Oscar hopeful Boy Erased starring Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe and Lucas Hedges, and their Closing Night film...

... is the documentary Making Montgomery Clift, which will contain tons of never-before-seen home footage since it was directed by Monty's nephew Robert Clift. It's apparently a stab at rehabilitating Clift's sad legacy of drunkenness and closet-trapped misery - Clift Jr. wants us to see the uncle his family knew, which is apparently not the mess he's been painted as by history. I welcome this!

But speaking of stabbing here's something - y'all know that gay gallic giallo Knife + Heart that I've been telling you about? The one that is screening as part of the Brooklyn Horror Fest in mid-October? Well NewFest is screening it too so you've got multiple (dare I, dare I) stabs (I dare, I dare) at seeing the film, at least here in New York. Thrillingly NewFest is doing an entire sidebar of horror films this year, including the a Brooklyn-set slasher called Killer Unicorn and a lesbian vampire flick called The Carmilla Movie. Viva October. Oh and then there's an Isabelle Huppert movie...

That one is called Reinventing Marvin.
And they're screening Mario, the Gay Swiss Soccer Players 
movie that's got a trailer I have, uh, enjoyed once or twice.
And then they're screening the Mapplethorpe movie starring Matt Smith that I ended up missing to my chagrin when it screened at Tribeca. This is exciting! I am excited! Tickets are on sale for Pass Holders now and they go on sale for everybody else on September 28th. To see the entire line-up of films head over to Deadline, where they've done what I am way too lazy to do aka write down all 140 films that are screening. In summation here's a photo of the actor Janne Puustinen in the Finnish love story A Moment in the Reeds, also part of the fest...

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