Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Boy Go Home

Sometimes you just get a gut feeling that a movie's gonna hit you hard right from the get-go and I've got the get-go gut feeling about this movie here called 1985 from director Yen Tan, which stars Cory Michael Smith (from Gotham and Carol and who was so so great in Olive Kitteridge) as a young closeted man who goes to visit his parents in small-town Texas for the holidays during that titular year. His parents are played by Michael Chiklis and Virginia Madsen, and there is a shot in the trailer of the latter in particular...

... that just makes me start to cry on the spot. Why Madsen didn't get flooded with offers after Sideways I'll never understand - damn sexist Hollywood with its space for like two middle-aged ladies at once. Anyway as you can see 1985 looks gorgeous in grainy black-and-white, like something straight out of the mid-90s New Queer Cinema Canon, and I am very very much here for it. Watch:
1985 comes out on October 26th. Of 2018.
With this & Nico 1988 & Summer 1993 & Summer of '84
there sure've been a lot of year-specific movies this year!

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Laramie Dean said...

I was just enjoying Virginia Madsen in CANDYMAN last week. She is indeed a national treasure.