Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Cue the Queer Waterworks

If you're at work right now like I am I recommend y'all take your computers to the office bathroom before you press play on this here trailer for Boy Erased, the upcoming gay conversion therapy movie that Joel Edgerton directed and that stars Lucas Hedges as a teenage gay boy whose hyper-religious parents, played by Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman, ship off to pray the gay away. I didn't hide in the bathroom and I am now sitting at my desk tears streaming down my face hoping nobody walks by. In other words, must be Tuesday! 

This is out on November 2nd. Anyway I've talked about my fraught upbringing in the Pentecostal Church here on this site before so obviously this thing strikes a nerve and this movie is probably going to leave me a puddle - Russell Crowe in particular is looking a great deal like my father here and... this shit's gonna hit a nerve. So stay tuned! I am sure that will be fun for all of us! And how about that...

... Nicole Kidman pounding on the door scene? 
Gah I'm a wreck. What do y'all think?


Jeff C. said...

I honestly think this will be an emotional ride for everyone.. It looks real good

Sam said...

This looks amazing. I know she has an Oscar, and all, but I do think Nicole Kidman is underrated. She's always fucking brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Nicole is giving us full Holy Spirit Hair in that clip!

Bucky said...

Too close. Not gonna be able to watch. The trailer was enough to send me to a dark room rocking back-and-forth. Looks amazing though. I hope people watch and learn.

Robert H said...

If the film is as well-made as the trailer, this could mean a second nomination for Lucas Hedges. With Ben is Back and Mid90s also due, this boy will be all over the place come autumn.