Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Hey Look It's Luke Evans & Friend

I've been harassing Luke Evans about his personal life from my minuscule perch in this random dusty corner of the internet for so, so very long now - seven plus years and counting now since I posted those quotes that his PR team tried to bury - that I have to admit I feel a little invested, and I'm really hoping the best for him now. This must be what it's like for people to give a shit about Royal Weddings or whatever! 

Anyway, as happened with his previous public outgoings with beaus, be they speedo-clad or just regular-clad, these pictures of him pap-snapped by the pool in Italy with noted-pal Victor Turpin have warmed the deep dark core of my cold dead heart a bit. Be happy, Luke! Be happy and free and continue hanging out at pools in front of photographers, that's all I ask of you. Y'all can hit the jump for a couple dozen shots...


par3182 said...

luke sure can get it

[boy george's commentary track on the dvd of the musical 'taboo' revealed two tidbits about luke: george nicknamed him 'linda evans' and he is huuuung]

Anonymous said...

He is so the typical facial haired suit wearing queen.