Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Barry Keoghan is Your Yorick, Yours & Mine

Barry Keoghan gave last year's greatest performance not given by a person named Timothée Chalamet in Yorgos Lanthimos' The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and we've been smitten ever since - hell he even makes us look back at Dunkirk askance and we fucking hated Dunkirk. So needless to say when I read this afternoon's news that Barry's been cast as Yorick Brown, the lead in the forthcoming Y: The Last Man series -- a series I have been covering every up and down in production for almost exactly a decade (seriously my first post, titled "Shia's Pecker Is Of Dire Importance" was in July of 2008!) -- well, I met the news with a buoyant jig. A jig, people!

Don't look at me like that, Barry. Anyway after going through several iterations the Y: The Last Man series (which started as a comic book written by Brian K. Vaughn that I deeply recommend) is now being shepherded to FX by Michael Green, aka the dude who gave us the first season of American Gods alongside Bryan Fuller. Of course making a pilot isn't the same as going to series, so they've got to film this thing first. But Barry is a big heck-yes in the right direction.

Other names have been cast too, including Diane Lane as Yorick's mother and Imogen Poots as his sister - you can read through them all here (Thanks Mac). A couple of weeks ago there was a rumor that Jodie Foster was going to play the major character of "Dr. Allison Mann" but that casting hasn't been officially announced yet so we'll have to see if the rumor's true. For now though we're just gonna keep jigging over our boy Barry. Most excellent!

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