Tuesday, May 22, 2018

RIP Clint Walker

Clint Walker has died at age 90, you guys! Honestly every time I posted about Clint I was pretty surprised he was still kicking around, but it's not like he didn't prove his entire career that he was the bearer of some of the sturdiest goddamned genes ever put on-screen. The actor, who was in the words of someone who'd know (i.e. me) The Ultimate Beefcake (aka The Greatest Beef That Ever Caked) was mainly known for playing lots of cowboy and soldier roles in the 50s and 60s, because duh.

He got his big break when Cecil B. DeMille cast him in The Ten Commandments but his role got shrunk down to a cameo because all 6'6" of him made Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner look like little people and you couldn't have that. You can glimpse him in this clip below walking behind Yul - he's the BIG GUY in the viking helmet:

He fared better on TV, doing seven seasons of the western Cheyenne, but my favorite thing of his is the Rock Hudson Doris Day movie Send Me No Flowers in which he was hired specifically to make the big strapping Rock Hudson look puny. And he did!

Anyway y'all can scroll through our Clint Walker Archives if you like (I recommend you do!) but let's honor Clint's legacy with a few dozen pictures I just now gathered up that I've somehow not posted before right here after the jump...


utahprime said...

What a man - the true definition of manly man - beefcake - OMG I'm getting verclempt...

Forever1267 said...

I WISH they made them like they used to!